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Compliance Manager


Dorfman Pacific - Flexible Location

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The Compliance Manager has the responsibility to ensure our company adheres to legal standards, customer guidelines, vendor regulations and in-house policies. They are responsible for enforcing protocols in all aspects and levels of business as well as provide guidance on compliance matters. They are well-versed in legal parameters and corporate governance best practices. They are professionals of high ethical standards and work diligently to complete their duties keeping in mind the objectives of our business.

Major Duties:

  1. Develop and oversee control systems to prevent violations of legal guidelines and internal policies.
  2. Evaluate the efficiency of controls and continuously improve them.
  3. Draft, modify and implement company compliance policies.
  4. Collaborate with corporate counsels, senior leaders, sales managers, and HR department to monitor enforcement of standards and regulations.
  5. Assess the business’s future customer relationships to identify possible compliance risks and collaborate with customers to gain exemptions for areas outside of normal company standards and processes.
  6. Review colleagues work when necessary to identify compliance issues and provide advice and training.
  7. Keep abreast of regulatory developments within or outside the company as well as evolving best practices in compliance control.
  8. Prepare reports for senior leadership and external regulatory bodies when appropriate.
  9. Comprehensive understanding of EDI (new customer setup, testing, vendor requirements).
  10. In-depth understanding of industry standard, product testing requirements. Foster partnerships with global testing agencies to streamline the process and outline associated costs for future programs.
  11. Detailed understanding of international, factory compliance audits including Social, GMP, COC etc. Streamline process and outline associated costs for future programs.
  12. Ability to efficiently dissect complex vendor guides and outline specific business requirements.
  13. Manage, track and negotiate customers charge-backs.
  14. Ability to thoroughly analyse customer agreements and provide diligence on advertising marketing funds, return, markdown, and guaranteed sale allowances.


  1. Proven experience as a compliance manager and intellectually curious.
  2. In-depth knowledge of the retail/wholesale industry standards and regulations.
  3. Excellent knowledge of reporting procedures and record keeping.
  4. Strong business acumen partnered with a dedication to legality.
  5. Methodical and diligent with outstanding planning abilities.
  6. An analytical mind able to “see” the complexities of procedures and regulations.
  7. Excellent communication skills and diplomatic mindset for external/internal customers.
  8. Certified compliance professional is a plus.
  9. Individual must work well under pressure, meeting multiple and sometimes competing deadlines.


Reports directly to the Director of Special Orders & Compliance.


  • BA/BS in law, finance, or business administration preferred
  • 5+ years of relevant, industry specific compliance management required
  • In-depth knowledge of Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Teams

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