Santana by Carlos Santana

Santana by Carlos Santana

Inspired by one of the world’s best-known musical signatures, the Carlos and Santana Hat Collections reflect the passion and soul of Carlos Santana’s artistry.

Each hat in the Santana Collection is intricately crafted and designed using the most unique trims and details. These trims represent Carlos Santana’s lifestyle and beliefs of passion and harmony. Similarly, the Carlos Collection brings about the same uniqueness through shapes and vibrant colors, offering a hip and fashionable feel.

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Carlos Santana is a musician who first became famous in the late 1960s and early 1970s with his band, Santana, which pioneered a fusion of rock and Latin American jazz. The band's sound featured his melodic, blues-based guitar lines set against Latin and African rhythms featuring percussion instruments such as timbales and congas not generally heard in rock music. Santana continued to work in these forms over the following decades. He experienced a resurgence of popularity and critical acclaim in the late 1990s. In 2003 Rolling Stone magazine listed Santana at number 20 on their list of the 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time. He has won 10 Grammy Awards and three Latin Grammy Awards.

Santana has played instruments since he was a boy in Mexico. He listened to artists like Richie Valens, and he took home lessons from his father, a mariachi guitarist. It is no wonder, then, that the vision for his line of hats includes influences from past generations — odes to vintage millinery and fashion. His wool felt teardrop fedora is painstakingly built, just as each chord in his songs are intertwined around one another. Details like ribbons and southwestern designs complement each and every hat style he produces.

Carlos Santana

Carlos Santana performing on a guitar with his band

The attention Santana gives to every one of his notes, every one of his progressions, is evident in the way he designs his pieces. Every decision reflects perfection, from the natural fibers and well-chosen leather. Each hat style is durable, yet stylish; and every dress hat, every casual style is appealing. Like the man himself, Santana’s hats endow the wearer with an invigorated sense of individuality — his hats are bright; they are full of possibility.

Truly, Santana has managed to effortlessly bring his unique musical interpretations to the world of hat-making. The embellishments, the accentuations, the slight additions to the pieces he designs are not wildly over-the-top. They are vibrant without being loud, confident without overstepping any boundaries. Santana understands the trends of the fashion world, and his creations bring together influences from across geographic boundaries, much like his music has for years.

Santana was influenced by a mix of bygone musical stars and their varying styles. He tapped into what made each of them unique and found a way to derive his own, special sound from those polished, gifted individuals. Gift yourself a Santana hat and relish in the joy it brings.

Man wearing a blue hat against wall with jeans jacket on shoulder

Woman wearing a light brown hat with a bird embroidered on the side

The Milagro Foundation

We are a proud sponsor of the Milagro Foundation. From your purchase, a portion of the proceeds will be donated on your behalf to the foundation.

The Milagro Foundation is a publicly supported foundation established by Carlos Santana and his family in 1998. Milagro makes grants around the world to community based organizations that work with underserved and vulnerable children in the areas of education, health and the arts.

Since its inception, Carlos Santana’s Milagro Foundation has granted over $7.5 million to agencies that support children. To found out more visit

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