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Mossy Oak

Mossy Oak

More than a camouflage company – it’s an outdoor lifestyle. Outback, Safaris, boonies offered in Mossy Oak® Break-Up® & Mossy Oak® Break-Up Infinity® signature fabric.

Man wearing a black hat with camouflage colored band smiling in a brown jacket near a fence
Black Mossy Oak hat with camouflage colored band
A dark green hat with camouflage band
Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity®, MO25
A concentrating man wearing a camouflage hat
A multi-colored camouflage colored hat with chin strap
A multi-colored camouflage colored hat with chin strap
A leafy colored camouflage hat with chin strap
A leafy colored camouflage hat with chin strap
Man displaying his camouflage colored hat over his right shoulder with the chin strap
A white and camouflage colored hat with chin strap
A white and camouflage colored hat with chin strap
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In 1986, Mossy Oak founder and CEO Toxey Haas had the vision to take a handful of Mississippi dirt, sticks and leaves and transform it into a brand new type of camouflage. Comprised entirely of natural earth elements and colors, the resulting design was unlike any pattern that had ever come before it, and gave hunters the power to obliterate their outline while effortlessly blending into the environment. Soon, our first industry-revolutionizing pattern, Mossy Oak Bottomland®, was born, and the distinguished Mossy Oak legacy had begun.

In the more than three decades since, advances in design technology including the incorporation of photorealistic 3D elements into our patterns have enabled us to fine-tune and perfect the art of hunting concealment. Highly effective and innovative patterns like Mossy Oak® Break-Up®, Break-Up Country®, Obsession®, Shadow Grass® Blades®, and Mountain Country®™ and new Mossy Oak® Elements®™ all utilize Mossy Oak’s industry-leading concealment technologies.

Through it all, they remain a company that creates patterns based exclusively on the natural environment — engineered, as always, for your ultimate success and enjoyment there.

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Hat with strap

Mossy Oak Break-Up Infinity Hat


Over the years, we’ve grown from our simple beginnings as a camouflage company to the embodiment of the outdoors lifestyle. Since 1986, Mossy Oak has not only provided hunters and outdoors people with effective concealment, but with a symbol of their love of the outdoors in their daily lives.

Every day, we put our lifelong dedication to work, cultivating new ways to share our passions and expertise. From the dirt to wildlife groceries to the fostering of the outdoor lifestyle, Mossy Oak is in the business of being outdoors. Through the other branches of our Mossy Oak brand, we’re continually striving to get people outdoors planting, hunting, conserving, and sharing their passion with others.

Using the many avenues available to us today, from print to TV to the World Wide Web and social media, through events, Pro Staff, trade shows, and at hunting camp — everything we do goes back to hunting, land stewardship, conservation and the proud outdoor heritage that will always be at the heart of the Mossy Oak brand.

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