John Callanan

John Callanan

As I design, I connect with my European fashion legacy and combine that with American wearability. The result is a look that is uniquely Callanan: Fashion & Lifestyle meets inspiration. Wear them in good health.


Navy, LV411-ASST

Navy, LV411-ASST


Black Classic Rosette Cloche, LV342-ASST

Black Classic Rosette Cloche, LV342-ASST


Purple Moulded Newsboy, LV418-ASST

Purple Moulded Newsboy, LV418-ASST


Navy Sequin Band, LV403-BLK

Navy Sequin Band, LV403-BLK

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Originally from Ireland, Callanan was able to study at the Fashion Institute of New York under the tutelage of Anne Albrizio, one of America’s most respected milliners. The amalgamation of a European upbringing and American practitioner’s guidance result in a unique line of products that are stylish yet affordable.

Callanan was founded in 1961, with an exclusive mandate of creating exquisite accessories for the most fashion-forward women. Each design is made carefully, with scrupulous attention to detail. Callanan draws his inspiration from his world traverses, where he encountered women of the most enviable fashion sense. Elegance and detail are the beginning and the end of each hat he creates. His hats accentuate, they do not overshadow.

Woman wearing a tan hat with black band and brim facing away

Woman wearing a a white hat with blue striped band with blonde hair and black scarf


No hatmaker better emphasizes a woman’s elegance than Callanan. His designs offer delicate detailing and uncompromised craftsmanship. Callanan’s background in theater costume design with outfits from the New York City Opera to Broadway casts, as well as hollywood productions has awakened in his women’s hat styles a radiance that the offerings in your average hat store do not possess.

John Callanan believes his legacy will be defined by stylish lifestyles coupled with elegant luxury. His selection of materials, the shapes and styles he creates, and the careful craftsmanship are all present in his designs. And while Callanan Hats is able to design for each subsequent generation as styles evolve and metamorphose, it is not unusual for a Callanan design to be handed down from generation to generation.

Woman wearing a hat with pixelated gray in a gray hoodie smiling

Two woman in sun hats lounging on beach chairs conversing

A Note from the Designer

At Callanan Hats, we know our customer and we design with her in mind. She has a timeless sense of style, portrayed in understated chic. I like to design hats that are beautiful and timeless, not over cluttered with excessive trims and ornamentation. I like clean silhouettes that enhance the wearer’s con dence and style. A Callanan hat should enhance and not distract from the wearer’s beauty.

Since my first collection in 1986, I have never tired of introducing American ladies to the fun and mystique of wearing romantic hats. Be it at the beach or a special occasion, a Callanan hat adds a sense of je ne sais quoi.

After graduating from FIT-Fashion Institute of Technology NYC in 1984, I had the great fortune of working on bespoke hats for NYC Opera’s repertoire like Rigoletto (1988), Broadway shows and movies like Working Girl (1988) with Melanie Griffith, Eight Men Out (1988), Sommersby (1993) with Richard Gere and Jodi Foster, The Birdcage (1996) with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, to name a few.

In 1995 Dorfman Pacific Hat Company acquired the Callanan label and so it is an honor to present my 24th collection for them this year-2019.

A hat is a very special accessory, it delivers instant glamor. Hats can say many things about the wearer from “look at me” to “leave me alone” as when they are used as shields by celebrities from the paparazzi.

Wear them in good health!

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