For 180 years, Woolrich's remains commitmented to quality, value, and products that fit the outdoor lifestyle. Superior quality water repellent fedoras, Outbacks, caps, trappers, scarves and gloves. Woolrich: The Original Outdoor Clothing Company.

Today an extensive line of Women’s and Men’s apparel is available including outerwear, and sportswear, along with licensed products of hosiery, and footwear that complement our selection of headwear.

Woolrich is sold worldwide, with a strong following in Europe and Japan in addition to the United States.

Man wearing a red plaid ball cap, coat, and scarf in the snow near a wood cabin
Sherpa Lined, W1619
Smiling woman wearing a white wool beanie and long black shirt standing against a wood cabin
Acrylic Knit Beanie with Pom, W16714-ASST
Woman wearing a tall fur hat and plaid blanket in the snow
Wool Blend Buffalo Check, W1402
Woman wearing a brown hat and green jacket smiling near a wood cabin in the snow
The British Millerain® Co., W8416-BRN
Woolrich cap with red and black plaid stitched inside
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Woolrich was established in 1830 in Woolrich, Pennsylvania making woolen coats for the northern Pennsylvania logging industry. Their original factory is one of the oldest woolen weaving vertical operations in the United States making woolen fabrics today. Known for their red/black Buffalo Check and the #503 red/black Heritage plaid wool nylon fabric. Originally offered in 1885 as a hunting coat and pant known as the Pennsylvania Tuxedo.

Their tradition of custom-designed woolens dates back to their founder, John Rich. In 1830 he constructed his first woolen mill in Plum Run, Pennsylvania. From his mule cart, he sold his quality fabrics to loggers, miners, rivermen and trappers. By 1845, he expanded the mill and moved to what is now Woolrich, Pennsylvania.

Over the years, eight generations of his family have lived and worked amidst the same rural landscape of north-central Pennsylvania, not two miles from where John Rich erected his first woolen mill. It is in these roots that we find a deep commitment to producing premium American fabrics that are as functional today as they were in the mid-nineteenth century. Bales of raw wool still come in one end of the mill and, after a good deal of work, exit as superior fabric.

Woolrich is proud to be the longest continuously running woolen mill in the USA.

Woman wearing a hat in the forest during the day

Man wearing a hat with heavy coat and sweater


As the 20th Century began, Woolrich played a big role in the emerging leisure industry. Because people now had time to enjoy the outdoors, Woolrich began producing a line of wool shirts, pants, jackets and caps. In the early 1900s, even working class people were able to enjoy leisure time and vacation, spending more time in the outdoors.

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