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Dorfman Pacific 95 Years


Our mission is to promote hats and the headwear industry throughout the world.

Augmented reality hats now on your smart phone


Tenth Street Hats
Deploys AR

The web-only hat retailer this week launched an augmented reality feature on its desktop and mobile site that allows shoppers to virtually try on hats using the camera feature on their device.
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Our styles are perfect for any occasion whether it’s dress or casual, travel or special events, holidays or every day!
Mother and Child


My Fashionable Scala Hat

Finding the perfect hat is almost as exciting as finding the perfect mate. Unlike a great partner in life though, finding the perfect fitting hat is a bit easier and less complicated.


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DPC is our core line, broken into divisions: DPC 1921, DPC Outdoors, DPC Offshore, DPC Global, and DPC Kindercaps.
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Our Brands

Aegean Biltmore Brooklyn John Callanan Cappelli Carlos Santana DPC Indiana Jones Mossy Oak Santana by Carlos Santana Scala Stacy Adams Stetson Tommy Bahama Tropical Trends

95+ Years

95+ Years

Since 1921 our company maintains the largest headwear inventory in the world in our state-of-the-art distribution facility.

Distribute world wide


With over 10,000 active accounts worldwide, our channel of distribution is vast and broad.

Green energy

Green Energy

Our headquarters operates the greenest distribution center in the headwear industry and one of the greenest in the United States.